About MLC

In 2011, a thought formed. It was then this journey began towards what we now call MARTIAL LAW CLOTHING.  Our idea began as an inspiration to create a whole new brand with new inspiring images and ideas.  The primary goal of Martial Law Clothing is to create comfortable quality clothing and provide a platform for people to express their inner warrior.

We want to inspire. We want to captivate you. Most of all we want to get your attention!

No matter what your battle is, our clothing will go the distance with you.  We care about what you wear and how it makes you feel.  Being proud and confident is to wear MARTIAL LAW CLOTHING. You deserve QUALITY, so we provide the best apparel available to us.  You deserve AFFORDABILITY, so we provide our clothes at the most affordable cost.  When you get behind MARTIAL LAW CLOTHING, we will “Get it on ya!”.  “Be remembered”, “Stand your ground” and “DECLARE MARTIAL LAW ON THE ORDINARY”!